How to Create the Perfect Love Song Cufflinks for your Husband!

How to Create the Perfect Love Song Cufflinks for Your Husband

If you’re looking for a special anniversary gift for your husband, our cufflinks personalised with your special lyrics, vows or words could be the perfect gift!

Printed onto paper, cotton or linen depending on the year you are celebrating, they are a wonderfully meaningful gift.

I want to help you create your perfect love song cufflinks and so will be addressing some of the most popular questions I get asked about how to create them plus some other tips to make sure you (and him!) love this special gift.

The result is a gift you can give your husband on your anniversary that not only captures your special moment in time, but also looks amazing and will be something he will want to wear again and again!

Cotton Anniversary Love Song Cufflinks

1) Inspiration for Words to Choose

I’ve created cufflinks with all variations of words, so be as creative or soppy as you like here!  By far the most popular are song lyrics, often from your first dance on your wedding night.  Wedding vows are also a popular choice.  Or you may choose to have them printed with names, nicknames, poem lyrics or any words that hold a special meaning for you both.


2) How Many Words?

So you’ve decided your inspiration for the words you’d like to be included and the next question is how many words will fit?  The quick answer is that generally around 12 – 15 words will fit onto each cufflink.

It’s also important to think about how you’d like your cufflinks to look.  I spend a lot of time adjusting size and spacing to fit as many of your words as possible.  However, if your cufflinks have a lot of words, you won’t see as much of the material it is printed on.  Since each material carries it’s own special meaning for your anniversary, I always recommend fewer words!


3) Which Words to Choose?

If you’re choosing words from song lyrics, wedding vows or a poem, selecting the words to include is worth spending a little bit of time on.  For example, choosing lyrics from a chorus often makes a song instantly recognisable, or selecting words from within the song that perhaps only you and your husband will recognise may make a more intimate gift.

As only a few words will fit, it’s a great idea to think about the meaning or message you’d like to convey – sentimental, soppy, heartfelt?

Consider where he will wear the cufflinks.  If he’s likely to wear them to big board meetings, perhaps choose words he won’t be shy to show off!

Looking for an example?

Every little thing that you do

Baby, I’m amazed by you

from Amazed by Lonestar would be beautiful lyrics to choose that convey a special meaning and would fit wonderfully in your cufflinks, while still being able to see the material they are printed onto.

How To Create the Perfect Love Song Cufflinks4) Readability

Depending on the number and length of the words you have chosen, part or whole words may not be visible in the cufflinks.  Generally, if they are lyrics or words you know your brain will easily fill these gaps and read them with no trouble.  I do my best to make the first word or two visible as this makes it easier for the mind to read the rest of the words even when they are not visible or complete.


5) Creating Flow

I will always assume you would like me to flow your words over both cufflinks, so each one will be different.  Depending on the number of words and how they flow, one cufflink may have more lines than the other and this adds to their uniqueness.  If you’d like both cufflinks to be the same and you only have a few words, please let me know when you order and I will be happy to create both cufflinks to read the same.


6) Request a Proof

I want to create the perfect cufflinks for you to give your husband on your anniversary and am happy to work with you to create this special gift.  If you’d like to see a proof of how your words will be set out in the cufflinks before they are printed, please let me know in your message when you place your order and I will send you an email proof for you to review before I create them for you.  If you’d like to make any changes you can then let me know and I will adjust them for you.


7) International Orders

Olive Mai is based in South Gloucestershire in the UK but I ship all around the world.  Cufflinks created here at Olive Mai have flown all over the globe, including America, Canada and Australia.  I offer both standard and expedited shipping if you need them in a hurry, simply select your delivery preference at checkout.


Did you know?…

You can choose the perfect colour combination to suit your husband’s style.  Choose classic black on white, or have your special words printed in silver writing on a selection of colours for something different!  These love song cufflinks are printed in silver writing onto fine French linen in charcoal:

How to Create the Perfect Love Song Cufflinks for Your Husband

Happy Customers

“These are amazingly beautiful! My husband cried when he saw part of my vows in them. Great gift!”  Kelsey

“The cufflinks are great! It’s so special to have them custom made for my husband with the lyrics from our first dance. Very happy with my purchase”  Beth


So, if you’re ready to give an amazing anniversary gift to your husband this year, click here to choose your anniversary year and see our Love Song Cufflinks

I’m looking forward to creating your special anniversary gift and can’t wait to see the words you have chosen!

Katie x