5 Ideas to Enjoy a Cosy Winter with Your Hubby

Cosy Winter with Hubby - Olive Mai

What better time to plan and enjoy lots of cosy time with each other than in winter time, when the days are short and the weather is cold outside.  This short guide has been created to inspire the romance in you both – to make time for each other, snuggle down and enjoy the winter months together.

Here are my 5 top ideas for enjoying a cosy winter with your hubby!

1) Make time for each other

Life can be so busy with work, friends, family and hobbies that sometimes there doesn’t seem to be enough time to spend with each other.  I believe the key is to make the time to do things together, which is likely to mean saying no to other people sometimes.  A great way to do it is to schedule out time in the calendar for each other.  From a few hours for a date night to blocking out a whole weekend, find time to spend as a couple and turn down any other invites that come along!

2 ) Wrap up warm and venture outside

With the days being short, the weather cold and energy levels generally being a little bit lower, it can be easy to avoid going outside unless absolutely necessary!  However, a walk together in the cold can be really invigorating, especially on a crisp winter day or in the snow.  Whether it’s walking through the countryside or having fun in the snow, wrap up warm and enjoy being outside together.  You can look forward to a warm hot chocolate when you get home, or a drink in a pub en-route if you’ve planned a walk strategically!

Cosy Winter with Hubby Snow Fun - Olive Mai

3) Enjoy cosy nights in

My favourite thing about winter is cosy nights in together with the fire on, snuggled in pj’s and watching a film.  You can be as creative as you like with long winter evenings, from watching films to playing board games, reading books or talking long into the night.

Cosy Winter with Hubby Hot Chocolate - Olive Mai

4) Reflect on what you have achieved

With so much going on in life, it’s fun to look back at what you have achieved together over the past months or year.  You might be surprised at how far you have come together and the things you’ve achieved that you had forgotten about!  So whether it’s huddled together over your favourite drinks with the fire roaring at the local pub, or feeling comfy in your pj’s at home cuddled together on the sofa with the lights dimmed and the candles lit, enjoy reminiscing and rediscovering how great you both are!  I especially love doing this towards the end of December, with the promise of a new year just around the corner.

And lastly…

5) Share your dreams

Spend some time sharing your dreams with each other!  You’re likely to both have your own dreams as well as the ones that you can work towards together.  It’s so exciting when you both share the same dreams and vision for your future and can find ways to work towards these over the coming months.  When you share your aspirations you can support each other, helping each other when the other one is struggling and celebrate your wins together.  So whether it’s starting a family, renovating your home, creating your own business , travelling the world or just making more time for each other, start planning and scheming how you’re going to make that happen now!

Cosy Winter with Hubby Snow Heart - Olive Mai

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Katie x

Image credits: David von Diemar, Toa Heftiba, Rawpixel and Mara Ket from Unsplash.